Escaleras Valparaíso

“…Del Cerro Los Placeres yo me pasé al Barón
Me vine al Cordillera en busca de tu amor
Te fuiste a Cerro Alegre y yo siempre detrás
Porteña buena moza no me haga sufrir más…”

Valparaíso, “puerto principal”, has many attractions that have made this beautiful city the “Jewel of the Pacific”. One of the most emblematic attractions are the hills, each with its own history and independent characteristics, which are mixed to generate the idiosyncrasy so characteristic of the porteños.

Through its hills you will find walks, architecture, history, culture and many panoramas for all types of tourists. Valparaíso invites you to move and discover an endless number of adventures through its streets.



Cárcel Hill

Cerro Cárcel is one of the 42 hills of the city and is next to Cerro Panteón. Formerly known as
Cementerio Valparaíso

Panteón Hill

Deciding to go out to see Cerro Panteón is choosing to go through the history of Chile and Valparaíso. Its
Cerro Alegre

Cerro Alegre

The famous Cerro Alegre presents an architecture representative of the English and German immigrants that inhabited the place, who built
By Deensel - Cerro Concepción, Valparaíso, CC BY 2.0,

Concepcion Hill

Concepción Hill is one of the most visited hills in Valparaíso. Originally its name was La Concepción because of a