Cerro Alegre is one of the 45 hills that make Valparaíso Chile's main port. Its name comes from the beautiful gardens that adorned the houses in the area, which in the 19th century was mainly inhabited by English immigrants.

Cerro Alegre is a hill located in the heart of Valparaíso, and is one of the most picturesque places in the city, with small cafes, restaurants, cultural centers, hostels and ateliers, in addition to the beautiful murals that adorn its streets. The main axis of Cerro Alegre is Montealegre Street.

The neighborhood originated in the 19th century and was initially inhabited by English people, which has marked its architecture in a remarkable way. Cerro Alegre can be accessed through the El Peral and Reina Victoria elevators.

Details Cerro Alegre

  • Urriola 678, Valparaíso


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