Concepción Hill is one of the most visited hills in Valparaíso. Originally its name was La Concepción because of a fort built around 1678 for the defense of the city. But it has also had other names, such as Cerro del Cabo and Cerro del Chivato, the latter being due to a mythological being that supposedly lived at the foot of the hill. Apparently the story would have gained strength when part of the hill was dynamited and a large cave was discovered, named Cueva del Chivato.

As from 1882, Mount Concepción and Alegre received a good deal of German and English immigrants who designed a varied urban layout with passages and viewpoints, elegant mansions and flowery front gardens. By 1840, whoever visited these neighborhoods would see and feel a full European environment with a marked English style.

Undoubtedly, a place you must visit because, in addition, it has many attractions that you should not miss.

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