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La Sebastiana

La Sebastiana is a house museum, which originally belonged to the great national poet Pablo Neruda. Before living there, the

National Maritime Museum

This museum, which belongs to the Chilean Navy, was originally created in 1915 and operated on board the Huáscar, a

Mirador Lukas Museum

The Mirador Lukas Museum is a cultural center created in homage to the Chilean journalist and illustrator Renzo Pecchenino, better

Espacio Rojo

Without a doubt, Valparaíso is a creative city. From there, Espacio Rojo was born, a showcase for national contemporary art

Utopian Bay Art Gallery

The Bahía Utópica Art Gallery (BUGA) was born in 2007 as a cultural events production company aimed at disseminating and
Miel de Oveja

Miel de Oveja

Miel de Oveja is a beautiful large house located in Cerro Alegre in Valparaiso and it is a showcase for
Museo Lord Cochrane

Lord Cochrane Museum

The oldest house in Valparaíso, built in 1842, was turned into the Lord Cochrane Museum by the local municipality and

Open Sky Museum

In Valparaiso, colors are everywhere, art is in the air and you can breathe it in every step. Going up
Museo Fonck

Francisco Fonck Archaeology and History Museum Corporation

Francisco Fonck Archaeology and History Museum Corporation, better known as the Fonck Museum, was created on November 25, 1937 in
Museo de Historia Natural

Natural History Museum of Valparaiso

The Natural History Museum of Valparaíso was created by educator Eduardo de la Barra in 1878, in two rooms of
Villa Victoria

Villa Victoria

Villa Victoria is the first live exhibition of the glorious past of Valparaíso in the 19th century, which is what
Palacio Baburizza

Baburizza Palace

This is a must on our tour of Valparaiso. Palacio Baburizza was built in 1916 on the Cerro Alegre by
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