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With a privileged geographical position and Andean and Pacific vocation, the region of Valparaiso calls to enjoy its traditional gastronomy, wine culture, its stories, nights and parties.

Within its corners you can find the Paseos, between hills and elevators, walks through memorable, patrimonial and historical places. Walk through these streets and relive history by enjoying the architecture and atmosphere of each of these walks.


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Paseo Yugoslavo

Yugoslavian Walk

One of the most visited, Cerro Alegre is one of the first viewpoints of the city, from which you can
Paseo Gervasoni

Paseo Gervasoni

The Paseo Gervasoni is located on the Cerro Concepción and can be reached by the Turri elevator. It offers a
Paseo Atkinson

Atkinson Walk

Another of the favorite walks of people and tourists is the Atkinson Walk, located on Cerro Concepción is among old
Paseo 21 de Mayo

Paseo 21 de Mayo

In Valparaíso, it is common to find viewpoints, long squares with a view of the sea, surrounded by history and
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