Francisco Fonck Archaeology and History Museum Corporation, better known as the Fonck Museum, was created on November 25, 1937 in response to a latent need to give this city an archaeological instance, which until then it lacked. Its name recalls the German doctor and philanthropist settled in Chile, Dr. Francisco Fonck Foveaux, in recognition of his work and research in the field of archaeology.

It is a place you must visit if you are going to walk around the region. You will be able to get a summarized vision of Chilean prehistory, ethnography and natural history through an attractive museographic proposal that meets the expectations of every visitor, with excellence and warmth in service.

Some of the important collections are those of Easter Island, one of the most complete of its kind, which allows you to visualize the culture and civilization of Rapanui. There are also pieces from the primitive cultures of northern, central and southern Chile on display. The culture of the Atacameños, Mapuches and Diaguitas, among others, is presented.