The Bahía Utópica Art Gallery (BUGA) was born in 2007 as a cultural events production company aimed at disseminating and promoting the works of Chilean and foreign visual artists living in the Valparaíso Region. It also operates as an art gallery installed in the heart of the Cerro Alegre heritage site.

In these seven years of life, Bahía Utópica has exhibited works by over 50 national artists. Inescapable names in its catalogue are Gonzalo Ilabaca, Salvador Amenábar, Loro Coirón, Jorge Martínez, Edwin Rojas, Eduardo Mena, Giancarlo Bertini, Luis Beto Martínez, Pía Subercaseaux, Matias Camus, Lobsang Durney, Ivan Cabezón, Pablo Villegas, Rodrigo Villalobos, among others.