In Valparaíso, it is common to find viewpoints, long squares with a view of the sea, surrounded by history and tourist attractions. The 21 de Mayo Walk is one of them, it is like a natural balcony where the view is incredible, you get a panoramic view of the city at more than 150 meters high, of the Artillery Hill, adjacent to the Playa Ancha Hill.

It is located on a horizontal esplanade on the edge of the cliff, has large trees, seats, appreciating in its entirety the port and the city of Valparaiso with its hills.


Although the 21 de Mayo Promenade is today one of the most popular places for tourists and locals, it was not until 1911 that it began to take on the importance it has today for the city. It was a whole process: in 1890, the Naval School was inaugurated, which today works as the Navy Museum. Then, in 1893, the Artillery Elevator was inaugurated and finally, in 1911, the Promenade was finished.


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