Somerscales Hotel Boutique, was once the home of 19th century English painter Thomas Somerscales and his family, who in 1874 built his house in the heart of Cerro Alegre, which he would inhabit during his lifetime in Valparaiso and which would house much of his inspiration. At present and after 140 years, the former house of the Somerscales family has become an innovative proposal for tourist accommodation, located in an area declared World Heritage by UNESCO and whose architecture, theme and environment aim at preserving this concept.

The hotel offers its guests a home-like service, with table service, and strives to incorporate typical Chilean products, made at home, such as jams and pastries, fresh fruit and natural juices, with the intention of maintaining the family bond of an old-fashioned breakfast.

Likewise, it invites its guests to use its rooms; dining room, lounges, terraces to enjoy a pleasant reading, have a coffee, rest by the fireplace or walk around the house to admire its collection of old radios, typewriters or listen to music in the glass case.

The hotel is located at Cerro Alegre, in an easily accessible tourist area, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, viewpoints, stairs and museums ideal for walking tours and soaking visitors in the culture of the Port and its heritage.

Details of Somerscales Hotel Boutique

  • San Enrique 446, Valparaíso, Región de Valparaíso


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Somerscales Hotel Boutique

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