Prices subject to change without notice upon confirmation.

Passenger Responsibilities: Passengers must medically check their capabilities and limitations to match the physical demands of excursions or outdoor activities.

Liabilities: is not liable for accidents due to passenger negligence, theft, or loss during any program, trip, or excursion.

Reservations, Modifications, and Cancellations

1. Right of Withdrawal: Customers accept costs for cancellations or changes, including administrative and banking fees, based on individual service policies.

2. Unpaid Reservations: Unpaid confirmed reservations are automatically canceled.

3. Passenger Data: No changes to passenger data after booking.

4. Preset Programs: No route, name changes, or refunds allowed. Special cases may incur a penalty. Requests must be in writing.

5. Refunds: Determined unilaterally by the service provider.

6. Customer Service: Issues must be reported in writing to

7. Operational Charges: Refunds incur operational charges from 5% to 15% plus VAT.

8. Bank Fees: Customer bears all bank fees for debit/prepaid card or bank transfer refunds.

9. Debit/Prepaid Refunds: Requires bank account details for transfer.

10. Refund Processing Time: Approximately 45 business days.

11.  Proportional Refunds: Based on the initial payment method.

12. Land Services: Differentiated charges for hotel, cruise, or package services, both international and domestic.

Included services programs only what is mentioned