Surrounded by a large wooden walkway and thatched umbrellas is one of the most visited sites in the Garden City. Its warm sand and coastal infrastructure prove that Acapulco Beach is perfect for any day of the year. Its large buildings on the shores of the bathing resort make the wind form a pleasant breeze, while sand artists form real works of art as they pass by.

All these characteristics impregnate the place with a mystique where the tourist and the viñamarino himself can feel a sensation of peace and tranquility that does not exist in any other beach.

It is located next to San Martín Avenue, being one of the most popular avenues. The great variety of hotels and restaurants a few blocks away make it a perfect place to rest.

It also has a wide variety of businesses including handicraft and other stalls. posee una gran variedad de negocios entre los que cuentan puestos de artesanía y otros.

Details Acapulco Beach Viña del Mar

  • San Martín 787, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso